Affordable Housing Awareness Week

AHAW-Banner-BlogThe Partnership for Housing Affordability will host the seventh annual Affordable Housing Awareness Week (AHAW) on April 25-May 2nd. Local housing nonprofits, business, government officials and volunteers worked together to increase awareness about housing affordability in new and innovative ways.

Affordable Housing Awareness Week is anticipated each year by local businesses whose employees volunteer at worksites, by the nonprofits that benefit from their efforts, and most importantly, by our neighbors in need who often work side by side with volunteers as they build and repair their homes. Members of the entire community also learn about affordable housing in new and fresh ways by participating in events like the “Rock the Block” party in the Blackwell community to kick off the week and “Walking In Their Shoes” where community leaders experience a day in the life of our area homeless; navigating Richmond on foot to find local services, accommodations and food.  

Since AHAW began, more than 3,000 volunteers from across the Richmond area have worked at over 250 worksites, improving the quality of life for hundreds of our neighbors. Many hundred more have learned about affordable housing issues within our community and have become more active and engaged in making a difference.

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